Breaking down the Fear

April 25, 2015

The dreaded question ˝Are you a nervous patient?”. 

Well the truth is most patients are nervous to some degree, this is perfectly normal. 

As operators of a dental practice it is foremost in our minds that we need to make the visit to the dentist acessible, easy and comfortable. As a dentist in the dental practice it is their job also to make sure that the experience is pain free (as much as possile), comfortable and NOT intimidating. 

It is not surprising that we feel uncomfortable, under compliment and simply not at ease. We are children of a gone by era that simply did not inspire confidance around the areas of pain and hygiene. 

An intersting refernece to this is outlined below.

TIL the doctor that proposed medical professionals should wash their hands before handling patients was so mocked by his peers that he suffered from a nervous breakdown. He was committed to a mental institution, dying from a septic wound that was not treated properly. (

When I grew up a visit to the local dentist was in his front room and looked a little like this,​

The first thing you notice is no gloves, no mask and most likely very little Anesthetic and this was only in the 80’s. 

Thankfully we have come along way in a short time. Technology in medicine, the importance of hygiene and a more compassionate approach has changed things dramatically. 

All said we still know that patients are not comfortable. In fact the American Dental Association carried out a survey and found that 26% of patients had a previous bad experience with a dentist. 26%, as my daughter would say OMG that is 1 in 4. This is simply not good enough. 

These are the reasons why patient care is vital in what we do. From the moment you walk into the waiting area, to the surgery itself back again and out the door we want it to be personable, efficient and welcoming. We want the best for our patients and we understand that all our interactions have an effect on how “nervous” you are or will be. 

We are not perfect and don’t expect to get it right every time, however we will certainly try. 

All said words are cheap and the proof is in the pudding. So come in and see for yourself, we really hope we keep you at ease. 

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