General Dentistry


General dentistry consists of exams, dental hygiene and standard dental treatments such as fillings and certain emergency treatments and prescriptions. Dentistry is wide and varied in its treatments. As a practice we want to provide the best of care to our patients first and also allow those patients access to their clinical needs within our surgery.


All things should start with your general dental exam. Your dental needs will be determined by your dental exam and x rays. Our team will clearly communicate what is needed, making sure that you leave your exam in full knowledge of your current dental health.


From our dental exam you should have a full understanding of your dental needs. If there is further treatment required you will understand what that is along with the associated cost.   

Our dental exam will consist of the following;


  • Full mouth cancer screening

Last year in Ireland, over 300 cases of oral cancer were diagnosed


  • Checking Jaw Joint Function

Many chronic headache conditions are related to habits such as clenching and night grinding


  • Check the health of each tooth

 Radiographs (Xrays) may be required to check under old fillings and between teeth


  • Examination of the supporting gum and bone tissue

The majority of adults have gum disease, which can have implications for patients with heart disease and diabetes.